Gregory Shiffner is the Chief Executive Officer

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Gregory Shiffner is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of a company called SAS Global, Inc. This is one of the United States’ leading antimicrobial technology companies. SAS Global, Inc. was formed by Gregory Shiffner in 2009. Shiffner is a very innovative thinker who has a talent with marketing, operations managements, and an entrepreneurial spirit that has proven to be very helpful. Gregory Shiffner has a vision for the future, which involves using the most effective technologies for controlling, and protecting against, the growth of microorganisms which could be harmful to humans.

SAS Global, Inc., is the only producer of antimicrobial products that is compliant with OSHA and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. SAS Global Inc., is a manufacturer and provider of Surface Antimicrobial Solutions. They service a wide array of markets, both in the United States and elsewhere.

Gregory Shiffner did not just launch SAS Global, Inc., he also owns manufacturing and distribution systems for the technology used by SAS Global all over the world. Gregory Shiffner, along with the rest of the company’s leadership, are committed to expanding the breadth of both products and innovation amongst the company’s core ventures. This diversification and creativity has been essential to SAS Global, Inc.’s success. Gregory Shiffner has been described as genuine, tenacious, brilliant, funny, and committed. He is a hard worker and excellent manager who is often able to accomplish as much in a day as many others can accomplish in a week.

Before he founded SAS Global, Inc., Gregory Shiffner co-founded Worldwide Business Solution. This company focused on the development and marketing of American technologies in international markets. The offices that were initially established were in New Jersey, New Delhi, the Dominican Republic, and the Middle East. Shiffner had previously served as the President and CEO of Elite Services, which provided the real estate industry with construction solutions. Gregory Shiffner held this position for over twenty-five years.

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